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At New Horizon CrossFit it’s not just your fitness and nutrition that we care about – it’s your mental health.

Wellness - Balance


Whether you’re in a demanding job with a hectic work life or someone going through a rough time or perhaps you’re at the top of your game struggling to make it to the next level. Exercise. Nutrition. Lifestyle. They are all factors that need attention.



At New Horizon CrossFit we support and guide our athletes to practice healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes. So instead of just surviving, we’re thriving!

Wellness - Harmony


Focusing on your wellness as well as your fitness can contribute to better outcomes in your personal life, your job, your social life, your performance and your own self-worth for a better quality of life. All the time surrounded by a super supportive community.

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We partner with and support local initiatives such as The Men’s Coach, Willows and Mind in Mid Herts.

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